Young Professionals

Already working on important projects straight after graduation - our young professionals quickly develop into professionals. 


Profile Tim, Online Marketing Manager

Tim joined MPC Capital two years ago and works in the student housing sector as an online marketing manager. 

What training do you have? 

I have completed an Bachelor in economics focusing on marketing and online management. 

How many years do you work in your job?
Straight after  graduating I started out with strategic and operative marketing in advertising and media agencies. During my studies I founded a company, which specialized on the online distribution of clothing, thus gaining a lot of practical experience.

How long have you been with MPC Capital? 
Only since mid-2017. 

What was the development during that time?
I was hired as an intern for the Student Housing Team. Shortly afterwards, I was offered a permanent position. Now I'm doing the online marketing for our new brand Staytoo.

What is special about MPC Capital?
If you get involved and want to get involved in exciting projects - then this is really rewarded and promoted. I also work in a great team - we all get along very well and like to go out after work.