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Ronald works as an architect in the Staytoo team and is the Head of Development and Construction. Staytoo is currently developing and building apartments for students at 5 locations. 

 What training do you have? 

 I'm an architect.  

How many years of experience in your job? 
I have been working in my profession for a long time in very different positions. I have been working as an architect for larger residential buildings for over 20 years.  

How long have you been with MPC Capital? 
I joined MPC Capital three years ago. They were looking for an experienced architect and the topic of student housing appealed to me.  

What was the development during that time? 
I helped to develop and design the Staytoo brand from the very beginning. Sometimes it felt like a start up – but that was also the attraction of the matter: Building a completely new brand and filling it with content in the cover of a solid medium-sized company. And then with many dedicated young people – a real dream for an architect. In the meantime it is more routine again, but still exciting. The further development takes place almost daily.  

What is special about MPC Capital?
In any case, my colleagues – we have a very familiar atmosphere in the team, which really helps in stressful situations. 

Wura started as an intern from London and now works as an analyst for the Infrastructure team. 

Where do you come from ? 
Lagos, Nigeria 

What training do you have? 
I have an undergraduate degree (Bachelors) in Finance, Accounting and Management from the University of Nottingham, and a Masters in Finance from London Business School.

When did you start at MPC Capital? 
I started on the 16th January 2017 after completing an internship over the summer in 2016. 

How did your career develop at MPC? 
Being in a small but growing team I have learnt a lot in the short time I have been here. My theoretical knowledge is put to the test and built upon in analyzing projects with my more experienced senior colleagues, and the diversity of the tasks we face on a day to day basis have increased my skill base by working with excel, powerpoint etc. and being exposed to external counterparties on different projects. 

What is special about MPC? 
The people! The working environment has a family feel because you’re encouraged to share your opinions and ideas. You meet people from all over the world with varied interests and backgrounds but all working to achieve the same goals.