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We offer a wide range of courses for students, whether they join us during their studies or as an intern. 


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An internship at MPC Capital is more than just that. With us you can turn your ideas into tangible experiences. We would like to get to know you during your studies and offer internships in many interesting areas of MPC Capital AG for students of different disciplines.

Your thesis is the end of your studies and at the same time the beginning of new challenges. We are happy to support you in this respect, as this combines your interests in hands on experience with our interest in solving a practical problem. The preparation of a thesis in our company is especially suitable for students of business informatics, economics and related subjects. 

If you are interested in completing an internship or writing a thesis in our company, please check our vacancies to see whether we currently have a suitable position on offer. Alternatively, we look forward to receiving your on-spec application.

Lena Marie is one of six apprentices at Ahrenkiel Steamship.

Lena Marie - why shipping?

I spent a year abroad and wanted to work in an international environment. At a training fair I talked to employees of a shipping company and that totally inspired me for shipping.

Then how did you come to work for Ahrenkiel Steamship?
I looked at various companies on the Internet and applied. I immediately felt good about Ahrenkiel Steamship.

How did the training start?
Already in the first few weeks I have learned many new things about shipping and was able to quickly take on my own small tasks. 

What is special about MPC Capital?
As several companies have joined forces (MPC Capital, Ahrenkiel, Contchart, etc.), this company has a very broad base overall. This also means that the training is much more comprehensive. You have the possibility to look into many areas and get a very good overview of the shipping industry.